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 How would you describe the colour white? OR How do you feel when wearing the colour white? Most of you will simply state that it is just like other colours, nothing special but for some, it can be ataraxy and when they wear the colour white they feel reveries, just like I do. For me, white is an extremely magnificent colour, which makes you feel confident, respectable and undoubtedly hot. I wear white a lot because it is just so easy to style in and it makes you feel great. It's not just about the style though, it's about the way you feel when you wear it too. For the occasion, the event, the party, the wedding etc. 

Styling in white is so easy and it can be paired with anything and is a great colour to wear when you want to look sophisticated and classy. White also works wonders with almost any skin tone. The best thing about white is that it can be worn with anything and makes you look amazing. It makes you feel confident, neat and elegant. White can go out with any colour like literally any but looks super hot with black. 

I think white is the new hotness this season. I'm sure you'll see it everywhere. Wearing white is a no brainer, you can wear white with anything, from jeans and shorts to dresses, white outfit never goes out of style. And the best part is that it is so versatile. 



white makes you look elegant and classy. Wearing white is a sign of respect, which is what we all seek. It's also a great colour to wear when you want to look sophisticated and professional. I am a huge fan of white and I think it can never be overrated. You can style it up or down, make it formal or casual, and pure class. Wearing white symbolises purity, innocence, freshness, goodness, honesty, and wisdom. It also symbolises respect, honour, and glory. So when you wear white, you are sending a message to the world around you.

You can wear white with any colour and make it look amazing. It's the colour of snow, purity, goodness, cleanliness, peace and hope. So wearing white always reminds me of goodness, purity and light and I think that's why it is such a popular colour this season.



The colour white evokes a variety of responses and feelings from people. Some people describe the colour white as being cool and refreshing, while others describe it as being cold and uninviting. The colour white has a variety of associations and connotations, which makes it such a versatile colour. For example, the colour white has been associated with purity for thousands of years.

The psychology of white has a lot to do with our feelings and emotions. When we wear white, it often triggers feelings of purity, goodness, cleanliness and innocence. Wearing white can also make us feel sophisticated and professional.



here are the top 5 trending and breathtaking styles with white.

  • T-shirt dress- This dress is the epitome of cool. It's the perfect dress to style with white shoes and accessories. The key is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral so that you can easily style in other colours and patterns.


  • White T-shirt Dress – White is such a great colour to wear with t-shirts. I like to style my t-shirts by pairing them with white denim hot pants and a black tank top with white sneakers.
  • You can go for a t-shirt dress with long sleeves to give a cosy/casual chic feel to the outfit. Wear a statement necklace and go for a pair of sandals. This is a great style for when you want to look casual and comfortable.
  • Crop Top and Skirt- I love wearing crop tops with skirts. It's a great way to add some feminine touch to the outfit. For this look, I like to style a black organic crop top with a white skater skirt. I pair my crop top with a black belt and a pair of black pumps. 


  • You can also wear a crop top with plain white denim, or style it up by wearing a crop top with a white crop mini skirt. Both of these looks are super trendy and are great for when you want to look casual and comfortable. You can also pair a crop top with a long sleeve white t-shirt and a pair of distressed white jeans for a more formal look.


  • Next up, I have a few amazing outfits that I styled with sweatpants. Wearing sweatpants is such a great way to add some comfy and casual vibe to an outfit. I like to style sweatpants by pairing them with white shirts. This is such a great look because it's so versatile.


  • The other popular way to style white is by wearing it with white long sleeve t-shirts with black sweatpants.  This is a great style for when you want to look casual and comfortable. You can pair a white t-shirt with a pair of white sweatpants and a white jacket.

4) White blouse with black trousers: Every woman needs a good pair of black trousers in their wardrobe. They can be styled up and down, and are a great starting point for lots of different outfits. When it comes to getting ready for work, most of us turn to the same outfit day in, day out. But why do we do this? It’s like we’re afraid of trying something new, even though it’s the only way to discover our best outfits. Today I’m going to share with you black trousers and a white blouse outfit. This is a great outfit for when you want to look smart but doesn’t want to feel like you’re wearing a suit.


Your black trousers and white blouse outfit is a versatile outfit which can be worn in several different ways. The white blouse is a great piece of clothing to layer up under cardigans and jumpers when it gets colder, while the black trousers can be teamed with a variety of shirts and tops to create different looks. You can style the trousers with a plain white shirt for a sophisticated look, or try a patterned shirt or a shirt with a collar for something a little bit different.


  • Yoga Outfit- I love wearing yoga leggings with t-shirts or crop tops. You can wear these yoga leggings with a white t-shirt and sneakers, or you can wear them with a crop top and yoga pants. Both of these looks are super trendy and are great for when you want to look casual and comfortable. You can also pair a white t-shirt with a pair of white sneakers and a white jacket, or you can pair a white hoodie and distressed white joggers.



  • Sports Outfit- I love wearing white when I'm active. It's such a great colour to wear when you're exercising. It makes you feel strong, which is such a great feeling. You can style a sports outfit by wearing a white racerback tank with a sports bra and sports shorts, or you can wear a black racerback tank with a sports bra and white sports leggings.



What does white is the new black mean?



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