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ROKiT Solos 2 Smart Glasses (incl Blue light lenses)


ROKiT Computer Eye Protection Glasses, smart glasses Open Ear Surround System with 2 Speakers, replaceable Blue Light Blocking & Polarized Lenses, 110mAH Rechargeable Frames, Calls & Voice Assistant Compatible, with Anti Eyestrain & UV Glare for Reading/Gaming/Meeting/Programming, IOS/Android Compatible, IPX2 Waterproof, Magnetic Charging, Adjustable Temples, Stand by for 48 Hours, 1 Mic, Clear Calls, Voice Control, for Men & Women.

PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES - ROKiT Blue Light Blocking Lenses shield your eyes by blocking 90% of the most damaging High Energy Blue Light waves, while permitting the less hazardous part of the blue light range to reduce visual strain and soreness from extended periods of web browsing, gaming, and working.

PROTECTION FOR YOUR EARS - ROKiT Smart Glasses with the open-ear speaker design keep your ears dry and protect hearing, allowing you to say goodbye to the discomfort of wearing headphones for long periods and enjoy audio while still listening to the world around you.

ANTI EYESTRAIN & UV GLARE - Enjoy your digital time, NO worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headache. Blue Light Filtering lenses block more blue rays than others and see more realistically. You'll never have trouble sleeping again. While the replacement polarized lenses shield your eyes from the sun.

INDOOR/OUTDOOR MODES - Press the power button to effortlessly switch between indoor and outdoor modes, customizing your audio experience to any environment. By clicking of the function button, you can adjust the volume, switch tracks, answer calls, and more - no matter if you're working or gaming.

IMPROVED BATTERY LIFE - Equipped with a 110mAH rechargeable battery and 10 mileage on a single Magnetic charge, it’ll last for 5-8 hours during long working sessions. When not in use, it stands by for 48 Hours and conserves power by shutting off automatically.

ROKiT Solos 2

More Than Just One Glasses

Packing Bluetooth audio and voice assistants into its slim build, The latest version of ROKiT Solos combine your headphones, blue light blocking glasses and sunglasses into one, which makes it suitable for computer, Reading, Gaming & zoom meeting or outdoors.

ModelSolos 2
Dimensions6.34 x 6.4 x 1.61 inches

Open-ear Surround Sound

Directional speakers point sound waves toward your ear, so you can experience audio straight with your glasses.

Simple Button Control

Effortlessly switch track, answer/hang up call, play/pause music, activate voice assistant, and much more.

Bluetooth 5.0 Compatible

Easily pair to your phone, laptop, gaming console or smart TV to stay connected continuously all day.

Blue light & long periods earbuds-wearing can hurt your eyes and discomfort your ears.


Alleviate Eye Fatigue

Long-term exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain. Put on your ROKiT glasses and eliminate eye fatigue. Reduce eye strain and sensitivity to bright light when working on digital displays. Perfect for office workers and those who have to stare at screens for extended periods.

Improve Sleep Quality

Being exposed to intense blue light can disrupt our natural circadian rhythms and upset our internal clock, leading to insomnia. Wearing ROKiT blue light filter glasses can improve your sleep, better sleep at night and improve overall well-being.

Relieve Headache

Are you suffering from headaches caused by extended screen use? ROKiT computer eye protection glasses will bolster your well-being by obstructing injurious blue light while permitting all other positive light.